Seinfeld – Season 7

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Seinfeld Season 7

Seinfeld_The_EngagementSeinfeld – Episode 1 – The Engagement
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(Air date: September 21, 1995)
While sitting in the coffee shop, Jerry and George resolve to grow up and take life more seriously. Jerry decides to call the woman he recently broke up with – because she shushed him. For his part, George has been thinking a lot about his former girlfriend Susan. After imagining the ideal life they could …
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Seinfeld_The_Postponement_georgeSeinfeld – Episode 2 – The Postponement
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(Air date: September 28, 1995)
Elaine’s dog problem is solved by a rabbi in her apartment complex with a cable show. Elaine later confides in the rabbi about her insecurity about George getting engaged. The rabbi later tells several people, including Jerry, about Elaine’s insecurity towards George’s wedding.
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Seinfeld_The_MaestroSeinfeld – Episode 3 – The Maestro
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(Air date: October 5, 1995)
George decides that he should help a security guard who works at Susan’s uncle’s store and must stand all day. Elaine begins dating Bob Cobb (Mark Metcalf), a.k.a. the “Maestro”, after meeting him through Kramer, and immerses herself in classical music. Kramer gets an out-of-court settlement …
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Seinfeld_The_Wink_kramerSeinfeld – Episode 4 – The Wink
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(Air date: October 12, 1995)
Elaine dates the man from her wake-up service. A bit of grapefruit pulp, from Jerry’s breakfast, gets into George’s eye and causes problems for him when his winks keep getting misinterpreted. Jerry’s healthy diet conflicts with his dating of Elaine’s cousin, Holly (Stacey Travis) …
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seinfeld_The_Hot_TubSeinfeld – Episode 5 – The Hot Tub
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(Air date: October 19, 1995)
George picks up the habit of swearing from some visiting Houston Astros representatives, specifically “bastard” and “son of a bitch.” During the time of the New York City Marathon, Elaine has a Trinidad & Tobago or Trinbagonian runner named Jean-Paul as her house guest.
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seinfeld_The_Soup_NaziSeinfeld – Episode 6 – The Soup Nazi
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(Air date: November 2, 1995)
Jerry, George and Elaine go out to a new soup stand Kramer has been raving about; its owner is referred to as the “Soup Nazi,” due to his temperament and insistence on a strict manner of behavior while ordering. Jerry explains the procedure for ordering, which George accepts …
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seinfeld_The_Secret_CodeSeinfeld – Episode 7 – The Secret Code
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(Air date: November 9, 1995)
As Elaine had written a good piece on the Himalayan Walking Shoe for the J. Peterman catalog, Peterman insists on taking her out for dinner. As she finds his endless stories boring, she pleads with Jerry to join her, who in turn tricks George into coming as well. Meanwhile, George and Susan fight …
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seinfeld_The_Pool_GuySeinfeld – Episode 8 – The Pool Guy
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(Air date: November 16, 1995)
Elaine befriends Susan. Jerry meets his pool guy outside a movie, and then he can’t get rid of him. George is worried by Elaine wanting to get to know Susan (“The two worlds collide!”). Kramer’s new phone number (555-FILK) is similar to a film information line (555-FILM).
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seinfeld_The_SpongeSeinfeld – Episode 9 – The Sponge
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(Air date: December 7, 1995)
Jerry, Elaine, and Kramer are at Monk’s Cafe and they mention that Jerry still wears a size 31 pair of jeans. Kramer also mentions the female contraceptive sponge is being taken off the market. Kramer passes both of them an AIDS Walk sheet for them to sign. While reading the list of signatures …
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seinfeld_the_Gum_kramer_jerry_elaineSeinfeld – Episode 10 – The Gum
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(Air date: December 14, 1995)
Kramer is active in the re-opening of the Alex movie theater. George’s nemesis Lloyd Braun, who had a nervous breakdown after messing up David Dinkins’ reelection campaign in “The Non-Fat Yogurt”, has a pack of Chinese chewing gum that Kramer insists everyone tries. George begs off, stating …
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seinfeld_The_Rye_georgeSeinfeld – Episode 11 – The Rye
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(Air date: January 4, 1996)
Most of the plot revolves around a loaf of marble rye bread, with its appearance and disappearance causing repercussions that last until the very end of the Seinfeld show. Elaine dates a jazz saxophonist named Johnny Germaine and admits to Jerry that she has reservations about their dating …
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seinfeld_The_Caddy_elaineSeinfeld – Episode 12 – The Caddy
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(Air date: January 25, 1996)
Kramer befriends a caddy, who helps him improve his golf game and offers him other advice. George leaves his car at work, and Mr. Wilhelm and George Steinbrenner think he’s been working extra hard. Elaine encounters Sue Ellen Mischke (Brenda Strong), an old high-school friend who …
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seinfeld_The_SevenSeinfeld – Episode 13 – The Seven
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(Air date: February 1, 1996)
Elaine strains her neck trying to get a bike down from the wall in a store. In pain, she impulsively claims that she would give up the bike to whoever fixes her neck. When Kramer gives her a treatment that makes her feel better, he demands the bike despite it being a girl’s bike.
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seinfeld_The_CadillacSeinfeld – Episode 14 – The Cadillac
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(Air date: February 8, 1996)
Jerry comes back from a high paying gig and awes Kramer with his earnings. Jerry surprises his parents by buying them a new Cadillac Fleetwood; learning about his financial situation, Elaine becomes infatuated with Jerry once again (The Fleetwood base model cost $36,995 at the time).
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seinfeld_Shower_HeadSeinfeld – Episode 15 – The Shower Head
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(Air date: February 15, 1996)
Kramer and Jerry are not pleased with the new “low-flow” shower heads that the building’s maintenance department has installed. Elaine is surprised to find out that opium was present in the urine sample she gave at her physical in preparation …
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seinfeld_The_DollSeinfeld – Episode 16 – The Doll
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(Air date: February 22, 1996)
While performing in Memphis, Jerry meets Susan’s old roommate, Sally Weaver (Kathy Griffin), who gives him a package that she wants him to deliver to the soon-to-be-married George and Susan, telling him to be careful with it. While on the plane, Jerry, because he has to be …
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seinfeld_The_Friars_ClubSeinfeld – Episode 17 – The Friar’s Club
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(Air date: March 7, 1996)
George successfully delays his wedding until late June, three months after it was supposed to take place. Jerry goes out with Susan’s best friend. Jerry loses a jacket he borrowed for dinner at the Friar’s Club. Kramer tries polyphasic sleep, also known as Da Vinci sleep. J. Peterman hires a …
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seinfeld_The_Wig_MasterSeinfeld – Episode 18 – The Wig Master
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(Air date: April 4, 1996)
When Jerry leaves an upscale clothing store without making a purchase, he feels guilty and promises that he will return. When the sales clerk Craig, who sports a long ponytail, looks skeptical, Jerry decides to return (with Elaine), just to prove a point. But when they return, Craig is no longer …
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seinfeld_The_CalzoneSeinfeld – Episode 19 – The Calzone
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(Air date: April 25, 1996)
Steinbrenner becomes intrigued when he smells George’s lunch during a meeting. George explains that it is an eggplant calzone and allows him to taste it. Steinbrenner then has George bring him a calzone for lunch every day. One day at the Paisano restaurant, George puts some money into …
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seinfeld_The_Bottle_DepositSeinfeld – Episode 20 – The Bottle Deposit
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(Air date: May 2, 1996)
Since he will be out of town, Mr. Peterman wants Elaine to bid for him on a set of golf clubs owned by John F. Kennedy at an auction. He tells her he is willing to go as high as $10,000 for the clubs. Jerry thinks he hears a strange clunking noise in his car and asks Kramer and Newman …
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seinfeld_The_Wait_OutSeinfeld – Episode 21 – The Wait Out
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(Air date: May 9, 1996)
George makes an off-hand joking remark to a married couple with a rocky relationship, leading to their breakup; Elaine and Jerry make plans to move in on the separated couple, but George, troubled by the results of his comment, tries to get them back together. The man (Cary Elwes) from the …
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seinfeld_The_Invitations_georgeSeinfeld – Episode 22 – The Invitations
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(Air date: May 16, 1996)
George and Susan go shopping for wedding invitations and George decides to buy the cheapest brand in the store. As they run into Kramer, he calls Susan “Lily”, much to Susan’s surprise and annoyance. Kramer later tells Jerry that a bank will offer anyone $100 if they are not greeted with a “hello” …
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