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Seinfeld – Season 3 – Episode 16 – The Fix-Up
The Fix-Up

Seinfeld The Fix-UpSeinfeld Fix-Up is the 16th episode of the Seinfeld season 3 and the 34th overall the Seinfeld series and it was aired on February 5, 1992.
In the Seinfeld episode The Fix-Up, George says that he would never sink to fix-ups, and so resists the efforts of Jerry and Elaine to set him up with Elaine’s friend Cynthia absent certainty she meets his low intellectual and high attractiveness standards. George and Cynthia hit it off and have sex in George’s kitchen, which Cynthia finds painful and uncomfortable, which is why she later is not returning his phone calls. Elaine and Jerry have a “Pact” beforehand that they will share all stories they hear from each with the other, while they promise the dating couple they will hold their private stories secret. Thus, Cynthia tells Elaine about the kitchen discomfort, but Elaine does not tell it to Jerry. Later, Jerry suspects that Elaine has not told him all from Cynthia and they get into a physical fight during which Kramer is forced to separate them.
A few days later, Cynthia tells Elaine she has missed her period. At the same time, George hears from Kramer that the condoms he gave him were defective. When Elaine adds that Cynthia missed her period, George is overjoyed to find out that he is able to get a woman pregnant, and runs to Cynthia to promise to help with the kid in any way he can. She tells him she already got her period. But due to his actions, they make up and become a couple.

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