The Mom & Pop Store

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Seinfeld – Season 6 – Episode 8 – The Mom & Pop Store
The Mom & Pop Store

Seinfeld The Mom & Pop StoreSeinfeld episode The Mom & Pop Store is the 8th episode of the Seinfeld season 6 and the 94th overall the Seinfeld series and it was aired on November 17, 1994.
In the Seinfeld episode The Mom & Pop Store, George is set to buy a 1989 Volvo sedan, but instead the car salesman talks him into buying a 1989 LeBaron convertible he says was previously owned by Jon Voight. Elaine wants to date Jerry’s dentist, Tim Whatley. Kramer says that a “Mom and Pop” shoe repair store is about to close, and convinces Jerry to send his sneakers to the store to be repaired, commenting that Jerry has a Peter Pan complex when Mom marvels at the amount of sneakers he owns. While there, Kramer’s nose starts to bleed, and when he lies down to stop it he notices the wires hanging out of the ceiling and suggests that Mom and Pop call an electrician.
At Mr. Pitt’s office, Elaine is taking the salt off his pretzels while listening to the radio. Mr. Pitt wants Elaine to guess the title of an old song for him so that he can win a ticket to hold the Woody Woodpecker balloon in the Thanksgiving Parade, something he was never allowed to do as a child because of his strict father.
Jerry discovers that Kramer took all but one pair of his sneakers; the only other footwear he has are a pair of cowboy boots he was given in lieu of money by a club in Dallas that couldn’t afford to pay him. Elaine, George, and Kramer all get invitations to Whatley’s Thanksgiving party but Jerry is uncertain whether he’s been invited as well.
While riding in “Jon Voight’s car”, Jerry goes through the glove compartment and discovers a chewed pencil and the owner’s booklet. The previous owner was actually John Voight, not Jon Voight. Jerry makes fun of George and gets kicked out of the car; he then tries to run from some muggers but slips because of the boots, causing him to hurt his teeth. Because no dentist is willing to see him right before Thanksgiving, Jerry decides to crash the party where many dentists may be present.
Mom and Pop can’t afford to bring the electrical installation up to the building code, so they close the store and disappear with all of Jerry’s sneakers. Elaine goes to pick up the ticket for Mr. Pitt, but must sit through a loud performance by a live dixieland band before receiving it. While walking down the street, Kramer gets another nosebleed and sees Jon Voight (appearing as himself); when Kramer tries to ask Jon Voight about George’s car, he gets bitten by him instead.

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