Seinfeld – Season 2

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Seinfeld Season 2

Seinfeld_The_Ex-GirlfriendSeinfeld – Episode 1 – The Ex-Girlfriend
Watch Seinfeld The Ex-Girlfriend online
(Air date: January 23, 1991)
George decides he wants to break up with his girlfriend Marlene, whose tendency to drag out conversations and phone messages irritates him to no end. After an emotional split, he realizes he has left some books in her apartment. Jerry tries to convince George that he does not …
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Seinfeld_The_Pony_Remark Seinfeld – Episode 2 –  The Pony Remark
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(Air date: January 30, 1991)
Jerry’s parents, Helen (Liz Sheridan) and Morty Seinfeld, are staying at Jerry’s apartment in New York City, making themselves at home. He bursts in, wearing baseball clothes, carrying a bat and glove, and proudly tells them that during his softball game …
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Seinfeld_Busboy_george_constanzaSeinfeld – Episode 3 –  The Busboy
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(Air date: June 26, 1991)
Jerry, George, and Elaine are at dinner, when a menu on an adjacent table catches on fire. George puts it out and explains to the manager (John Del Regno) that the busboy, Antonio (David Labiosa), left the menu too close to a candle and Elaine jokingly declares that she is never eating there …
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Seinfeld_Baby_Shower_kramerSeinfeld – Episode 4 –  The Baby Shower
Watch Seinfeld The Baby Shower online
(Air date: May 16, 1991)
Elaine holds a baby shower for her friend Leslie at Jerry’s apartment, while he is performing in Buffalo. George is excited, as he expects the baby shower to be the perfect opportunity to confront the woman who gave him the worst date of his life …
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Seinfeld_The_Jacket_jerry_krammerSeinfeld – Episode 5 –  The Jaket
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(Air date: February 6, 1991)
When Jerry Seinfeld is shopping for clothes with Elaine Benes, he finds a suede jacket that he likes. He has doubts about buying the jacket because it is very expensive and has a candy stripe lining. He eventually decides to buy it. When Jerry is at home watching television, his neighbor …
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Seinfeld_The_Chinese_RestaurantSeinfeld – Episode 6 –  The Chinese Restaurant
Watch Seinfeld The Chinese Restaurant online
(Air date: May 23, 1991)
Jerry, George, and Elaine decide to eat dinner without a reservation at a Chinese restaurant before seeing a one-night showing of Plan 9 from Outer Space, which Jerry exultantly calls “the worst movie ever made!”[2] The maître d’ (James Hong) repeatedly tells the party they will receive a table …
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seinfeld_The_Phone_Message_georgeSeinfeld – Episode 7 –  The Phone Message
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(Air date: February 13, 1991)
George is excited when he finds that he and Jerry are having dates on the same night. Both of their dates go well up to the point that they have to say goodnight. George’s date Carol (Tory Polone) asks George to come up to her place for some coffee, but George tells her that he can’t drink coffee …
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Seinfeld_The_AppartmentSeinfeld – Episode 8 –  The Apartment
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(Air date: April 4, 1991)
While Elaine is depressed about the low quality of her apartment, Jerry overhears Harold and Manny, the managers of his apartment building, discussing a death that makes an apartment available. Shocked by the low rent, Jerry immediately tells Elaine that …
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Seinfeld_The_DealSeinfeld – Episode 9 –  The Deal
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(Air date: May 2, 1991)
As they are watching TV in Jerry’s apartment, Jerry and Elaine flip through the channels, stumbling upon the soft-core pornography channel. Upon the realization that neither of them has had sexual relations in a while, they start toying with the idea of sleeping together. They refer to …
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Seinfeld_The_StatueSeinfeld – Episode 10 –  The Statue
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(Air date: April 11, 1991)
Jerry inherits some old possessions of his grandfather Irving. Among them is a statue that looks just like one George’s family had, until George broke it. Jerry promises that George can have it, but leaves it in his apartment for a few days. Kramer takes a few of Irving’s old clothes, including …
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Seinfeld_The_Heart_AttackSeinfeld – Episode 11 –  The Heart Attack
Watch Seinfeld The Heart Attack online
(Air date: April 25, 1991)
After watching a science-fiction B movie (featuring a cameo by series co-creator Larry David), Jerry goes to bed, but wakes up in the middle of the night laughing. He scrawls a joke for his stand-up comedy act. The following day he is unable to read what he wrote down.
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Seinfeld_The_RevengeSeinfeld – Episode 12 –  The Revenge
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(Air date: April 18, 1991)
The episode relates three parallel plots, in intertwining scenes. The first plot concerns George being banned from the executive toilet. Because of this he quits his job, but immediately regrets the decision. He discusses job opportunities with Jerry …
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