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Seinfeld – Season 6 – Episode 5 – The Couch
The Couch

Seinfeld The CouchSeinfeld episode The Couch is the 5th episode of the Seinfeld season 6 and the 91st overall the Seinfeld series and it was aired on October 27, 1994.
In the Seinfeld episode The Couch, Jerry buys a new couch, giving his old one to Elaine. George joins a book club to impress his girlfriend and is assigned to read Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Elaine falls for Carl, the hunky man who delivers Jerry’s couch.
Kramer plans to start a “pizza business where you make your own pie” with Poppie. Jerry and Elaine’s discussion of abortion causes trouble at Poppie’s restaurant when it turns out Poppie is pro-life. Later, Jerry casually asks Elaine what Carl’s stance is on abortion. She breaks up with him after finding out that he is pro-life.
George struggles to read the book and tries to rent the movie instead, saying “If it’s not about sports, I find it very hard to concentrate!” George visits several video stores in an unsuccessful attempt to rent the movie. After a video store clerk (Patton Oswalt) declines George’s request to call the renters of the movie, George surreptitiously peeks at the computer screen to see who has the rental copy. He heads to the renter’s apartment and, in typical George fashion, concocts an elaborate story in order to be invited in to watch the movie with the renter and his family. Later, George accidentally spills grape juice all over the family’s couch and is kicked out of their apartment before he can see the ending of the movie.

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