The Race

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Seinfeld – Season 6 – Episode 10 – The Race
The Race

Seinfeld The RaceSeinfeld episode The Race is the 10th episode of the Seinfeld season 6 and the 96th overall the Seinfeld series and it was aired on December 15, 1994.
In the Seinfeld episode The Race, Jerry is excited to finally be dating a woman named Lois. However, Jerry is stunned when he finds out that Lois works for Duncan Meyer, his old rival from high school. Elaine‘s complaints about her Chinese food delivery cause her to be blacklisted from Hop Sing’s. George notes to Elaine that Ned, her new boyfriend, has a copy of the Daily Worker, which prompts suspicion of Ned being a communist. George is intrigued by one of the personal ads, which remarks, “Appearance not important.” Jerry recounts his rivalry with Duncan: in a track race in ninth grade, Jerry had gotten an inadvertent head start that nobody noticed and won. Though he was praised for his seemingly amazing speed, only Duncan remained skeptical.
Lois quizzes Jerry about cheating in the race; Jerry defends his win, and Lois believes him. Ned admits to Elaine he is a communist. George announces he contacted a girl from The Daily Worker. Kramer gets ready for his new job as Santa Claus at Coleman’s department store, with Mickey as his elf. Lois arranges lunch at Monk’s with her, Jerry, and Duncan, and Jerry knows that the subject of the race will come up. George agrees to turn up at the coffee shop, pretend he has not seen Jerry since high school, and back up his winning story.
At Yankee Stadium, George receives a call from Natalie, his personal ad girl from The Daily Worker. George’s secretary, Ada, overhears the conversation and suspects George of having communist sympathies. At Coleman’s, Ned gets Kramer interested in communist practices. At Monk’s, while Duncan is protesting the race, George turns up, pretending he has not seen Jerry in years, and backs Jerry’s story. Duncan is still unconvinced, and Lois suggests that the two of them just race each other again, but Jerry refuses. Nonetheless, Duncan starts to call up everyone from high school to come out for the race, and Jerry gets worried the legend will die.

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