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Seinfeld – The Watch

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Seinfeld – Season 4 – Episode 6
The Watch


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About this Seinfeld episode:
Seinfeld - "The Watch" is the 6th episode of season 4 and number 46 overall the series.
This episode is a continuation of and opens with clips from the previous episode, "The Wallet".
Jerry has dinner with his parents and Uncle Leo. Elaine uses Kramer as "her boyfriend" in trying to fool her psychiatrist, Dr. Reston, who she was dating (played by Stephen McHattie). George gets Russell Dalrymple's address and tries to get the pilot reinstated. He succeeds -- at a price lower than Russell's original offer. Jerry tries to buy back the watch from Uncle Leo. Outside her psychiatrist's office, Elaine meets "Crazy" Joe Davola, whom she begins to date.


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  1. Grant Varadan says:

    lol, fuckin kramer

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