The Chinese Restaurant

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Seinfeld – Season 2 – Episode 11 – The Chinese Restaurant
The Chinese Restaurant

Seinfeld The Chinese RestaurantSeinfeld The Chinese Restaurant is the 11th episode of the Seinfeld season 2 and the 16th overall the Seinfeld series and it was aired on May 23, 1991.
In the Seinfeld Episode The Chinese Restaurant, Jerry, George, and Elaine decide to eat dinner without a reservation at a Chinese restaurant before seeing a one-night showing of Plan 9 from Outer Space, which Jerry exultantly calls “the worst movie ever made!” The maître d’ repeatedly tells the party they will receive a table in “5, 10 minutes”, but with no result even after the time passes. Besides having only a short time until the movie begins, the characters have other worries:

  • Jerry previously lied to his uncle, saying he could not join him for dinner; he prefers to see the film, yet feels guilty. He also notices a woman (Judy Kain) at the restaurant he has seen before, but cannot remember her name.
  • George is anxious because, the night before, he left his girlfriend Tatiana during foreplay because he needed to use a bathroom and thought hers was too close to her bedroom to provide enough privacy. He wants to call Tatiana to invite her to join them, but is repeatedly prevented from using the restaurant’s payphone, as it is first occupied by a man (Michael Mitz) who ignores George, and then by a woman who is rude to him.
  • Elaine is frustrated by being extremely hungry; Jerry had offered her cookies, but she refused since they were health cookies and disliked their taste.

Jerry dares Elaine to take an egg roll from someone’s plate and eat it, offering her “fifty bucks” to do so. Elaine approaches a table with an elderly couple and tells them that her friend will give her $50 to eat one of their egg rolls, and she is willing to give them $25 of it. As she softly speaks the offer without moving her lips, they fail to comprehend her. She awkwardly walks away, then laughs off her attempt. George is finally able to call Tatiana, but he gets the answering machine, so he leaves a message. Tatiana calls the restaurant to reach George, but the maître d’ calls “Cartwright” instead of “Costanza”, and she “said curse word” when he told her that George is not there. When the mysterious woman encounters Jerry, he remembers belatedly that she is his uncle’s receptionist and becomes upset knowing that she’ll tell his uncle, who then will tell his parents and so on.


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