The Deal

Seinfeld Episodes
Seinfeld – Season 2 – Episode 9 – The Deal
The Deal

Seinfeld The DealSeinfeld The Deal is the 9th episode of the Seinfeld season 2 and the 14th overall the Seinfeld series and it was aired on May 2, 1991.
In the Seinfeld The Deal episode, as they are watching TV in Jerry’s apartment, Jerry and Elaine flip through the channels, stumbling upon the soft-core pornography channel. Upon the realisation that neither of them has had sexual relations in a while, they start toying with the idea of sleeping together. They refer to their friendship as “this” and sexual intercourse as “that”. However, as they do not wish to ruin their friendship, they establish a set of ground rules. Happy with their agreement, they make their way to the bedroom. The next day Jerry has lunch with his friend George Costanza, and makes him aware of his situation with Elaine. George remains skeptical, even after Jerry explains the rules system to him. He is proven right when Jerry and Elaine get into an argument over the second rule: “Spending the night is optional”. Jerry eventually does not spend the night, leaving their agreement on shaky terms.
With Elaine’s birthday coming up Jerry has to decide on what to get her. Since they are not in a relationship but they are still having sex he feels that the symbolism of the gift needs to be carefully thought out. He looks for a gift with George but is unable to think of anything, though he vaguely remembers her saying “something about a bench”. Elaine is unhappy with the eventual gift: $182 cash. When Jerry’s neighbour Kramer gives Elaine the bench she was looking for, for which she is much more grateful, she and Jerry talk over their agreement. They decide to start dating. When Kramer sees them again and asks what they are up to, Jerry notes that they now do “this, that and the other,” “the other” being their romantic relationship as a couple.

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