The Glasses

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Seinfeld – Season 5 – Episode 3 – The Glasses
The Glasses

Seinfeld The GlassesSeinfeld The Glasses is the 3rd episode of the Seinfeld season 5 and the 67th overall the Seinfeld series and it was aired on September 30, 1993
In the Seinfeld episode The Glasses, George claims his eyeglasses were stolen at the Health Club and he needs a new pair. He goes to see Kramer‘s optometrist friend Dwayne (Timothy Stack), who Kramer promises will give George a 30% discount because Kramer had helped the optometrist break his addiction to sugar. Elaine is bitten by a dog while with George at the optometrist’s, and she becomes afraid of dogs as well as the possibility that she may have rabies.
While not wearing his glasses, George thinks he recognizes, from a distance, Jerry’s girlfriend Amy (Anna Gunn) kissing Jerry’s cousin Jeffrey, who apparently has a “horse face”. He tells this to Jerry, who then goes to Amy and tries to get her to confess her infidelity; she indignantly denies it. Jerry doesn’t know what to think of George’s uncanny ability to see fine details while “squinting”; however after George mistakes an onion for an apple, Jerry wonders whether George was also mistaken about having seen Amy with Jeffrey.
After trying on many pairs of glasses, George finally decides upon a new style and buys them, but is distressed when Kramer later points out that they are women’s-style glasses made by Gloria Vanderbilt. Dwayne also refuses George a discounted price. When Kramer finds out about the refused discount, he goes down to the optometrist store and “threatens” him with a candy bar, forcing Dwayne to reinstate the discount and his promise to Kramer in owing him. George then makes a deal with an unsuspecting blind man to trade the man’s uncomfortable eyeglass frames with George’s, and have the lenses switched. With his vision back, George finally realizes that it was not Amy kissing Jeffrey, but a mounted police woman affectionately petting her horse. Meanwhile Kramer, bursting into Jerry’s apartment, accidentally jars Jerry’s giant new air conditioner loose from the windowsill, and it falls to the sidewalk, serendipitously crushing the same dog that had earlier bitten Elaine at the optometrist’s. Uncle Leo gives Jerry and Amy tickets to see Paul Simon live and tells them that Jeffrey apologized; Jerry mistakes Jeffrey’s apology for the latter supposedly seeing Amy and blames her until Uncle Leo says Jeffrey apologized for getting different seats. The episode ends as we see George’s “stolen” glasses right on top of the lockers in the Health Club.

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