The Implant

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Seinfeld – Season 4 – Episode 19 – The Implant
The Implant

Seinfeld The ImplantSeinfeld The Implant is the 19th episode of the Seinfeld season 4 and the 59th overall the Seinfeld series and it was aired on February 18, 1993.
In the Seinfeld episode The Implant, Jerry dumps his girlfriend Sidra after Elaine says her figure is the result of breast implants. Kramer claims to have seen Salman Rushdie at the health club, and that Salman is living under the pseudonym “Sal Bass”. Later, Elaine discovers by accident that Sidra’s breasts are real when she trips in the sauna and grabs them to cushion her fall. Elaine tells Jerry that they’re real, putting him in a predicament by taking Sidra back. However, Sidra later finds out that Elaine was Jerry’s former girlfriend (when Kramer indirectly mentions Jerry and Elaine going on a previous trip together) and, thinking he put Elaine up to the incident in the sauna, subsequently dumps Jerry; as she leaves, she tells him “And, by the way. They’re real and they’re spectacular.”
In a subplot, George accompanies his current girlfriend, Betsy, to Detroit for her aunt’s wake. While there, he tries to get a copy of her death certificate so he can get a 50% discount on the airfare. However, he gets into an argument at the funeral reception with Betsy’s brother, Timmy, when accused of double-dipping a chip.
In the end, Betsy breaks up with him and he does not get the death certificate; instead, he tries to pass off a picture of him next to the casket, but the clerk does not buy it.

During the opening scene in the health club, Jerry alludes to George’s being right-handed, using his own left-handedness as a basis of comparison. This characterization comes in spite of the fact that George can be seen using his left hand to write in previous episodes, such as “The Outing“.

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