The Mango

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Seinfeld – Season 5 – Episode 1 – The Mango
The Mango

Seinfeld The MangoSeinfeld The Mango is the 1st episode of the Seinfeld season 5 and the 65th overall the Seinfeld series and it was aired on September 16, 1993
Seinfeld episode The Mango, opens with one of Jerry Seinfeld’s standup comedy bits which centers on the creation of seedless watermelon.
The episode then goes to Monk’s Café where George tells Jerry about his lack of confidence in bed with his new girlfriend Karen. The conversation then shifts to orgasm feigning, at which point Elaine mentions that she used to feign with Jerry back when they were dating. Although Elaine didn’t think much of the subject, Jerry was flabbergasted at the info. This also causes George to worry that Karen was feigning too.
A little while later, Kramer takes a bite out of a bad peach, which he tries to return to the store where he got it. This leads to him being banned from the store after he insults the owner, Joe.
Meanwhile, Jerry begs Elaine to give him another shot at giving her an orgasm, which she rebuffs in the belief that sex will ruin their friendship. This causes Jerry to become more bitter and resentful toward Elaine.
George becomes so obsessed with his performance in bed with Karen, that he experiences what seems to be erectile dysfunction. As George tells Jerry his predicament, Kramer asks Jerry to buy fruits in his place at Joe’s fruit store, having been banned from his store and refusing to get fruits at the supermarket. Jerry reluctantly accepts, and goes to buy fruits for Kramer, but it only ends up in getting banned too, after Joe finds out what he was doing. After the incident, George winds up getting both Kramer’s and Jerry’s fruit. George tastes one of Kramer’s mangoes, which makes an erotic transformation.
Afterwards, Elaine gives in to letting Jerry have sex with her once again, after concluding it’ll destroy their friendship if they don’t. Meanwhile, Karen throws George out of her apartment when he insults her after sex, doubting that she really had an orgasm.
The last scene shows Jerry and Elaine in bed, but now it seems Jerry is suffering from erectile dysfunction, and blaming George. Elaine then asks: “Y’know, I’m a little hungry…you wouldn’t happen to have any of that mango left?” Jerry then realizes his solution.


  1. As someone who’s been watching the series chronologically on this site, I’m a bit confused. Usually there is a button that says “watch full episode” – linking to a different page with the full stream. That button is not present here. Is there something I’m missing or is S5E1 not available?

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