The Trip (Part 1)

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Seinfeld – Season 4 – Episode 1 – The Trip (Part 1)
The Trip (Part 1)

Seinfeld The Trip (1)Seinfeld The Trip (Part 1) is the 1st episode of the Seinfeld season 4 and the 41st overall the Seinfeld series and it was aired on August 12, 1992.
In the Seinfeld episode The Trip (part 1), Jerry is offered two free tickets from New York City to Hollywood to appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He offers one to George and they decide that while they are in Los Angeles they will track down Kramer, who headed to Los Angeles in the previous episode, “The Keys”, to become an actor. A dead woman turns up in another part of LA and Kramer’s script he had given to her is found on her body. George thinks he has insightful conversations with the talk show guests (Corbin Bernsen and George Wendt) but they both call him “some nut” when they appear publicly. Jerry can’t remember the wording for a joke and blames the hotel maid, Lupe, who threw it away while cleaning the room. As Jerry and George leave The Tonight Show, they see Kramer’s picture on the news. He is the main suspect for the “Smog Strangler”.

This is the only two-part episode of Seinfeld in which both parts had the same name but were aired on two separate dates instead of a one-hour special. However, “The Wallet”/”The Watch” is a continuation episode pairing which also aired on separate dates with a “To Be Continued” at the end of “The Wallet”.
Elaine does not appear in either part of “The Trip”, and appears only minimally in “The Pitch” and “The Ticket”. This was due to the fact that Julia Louis-Dreyfus was on maternity leave.
Kramer’s first name is missing from the script found on the dead woman’s body, a reference to how—at this point in time—no one knows his full name.
The episodes were broadcast much earlier than normal, as NBC wanted to cash in on ratings from the 1992 Barcelona Olympics (which NBC also covered) and as such these two episodes got some of the highest Nielsen ratings thus far.

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