The Wallet

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Seinfeld – Season 4 – Episode 5 – The Wallet
The Wallet

Seinfeld The WalletSeinfeld The Wallet is the 5th episode of the Seinfeld season 4 and the 45th overall the Seinfeld series and it was aired on September 23, 1992.
In the Seinfeld episode The Wallet, when Jerry’s parents come to town to see a back specialist, they hear about “Crazy” Joe Davola not liking Jerry and ask about the watch they gave him. George “negotiates” the deal with the NBC and gets a box of cigars from Susan Ross’s father. While at the doctor’s office Morty’s wallet is “stolen”. Elaine returns from her trip and tries to end her relationship with her shrink. The deal with NBC is lost.
“The Wallet” is Part 1 of an episode pairing and continues into “The Watch” which is Part 2 and aired the following week.
his was the first episode in the fourth season to include Elaine in a major role. Julia Louis-Dreyfus was pregnant for part of the third season and was absent in “The Trip” and only had cameo appearances in “The Pitch” and “The Ticket“. The plot line of her in Europe and the guys in California was to accommodate her absence. Elaine receives applause from the audience when she enters. Kramer is the only other character of the main four to get applauded.

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