The Wife

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Seinfeld – Season 5 – Episode 17 – The Wife

Seinfeld - The WifeSeinfeld The Wife is the 17th episode of the Seinfeld season 5 and the 81st overall the Seinfeld series and it was aired on March 17, 1994.
In the the Seinfeld episode The Wife, Jerry‘s girlfriend, Meryl, poses as his wife so she can share his 25% dry cleaning discount. In fact, Jerry is having fun with the idea of having a wife, even if it’s just to start a sentence. George urinates in the shower while at the health club and fears he may be reported to management. Elaine gets mixed signals from Greg, a prospective boyfriend in whom she is interested. As it turns out, the man Elaine has her eye on is the same person who caught George urinating in the shower.
Jerry eventually cheats on his “wife” with another woman in order to give her the discount. Meanwhile, Kramer is losing sleep because Jerry took his quilt to the cleaner, taking advantage of the discount. Kramer goes to get a tan to impress his girlfriend’s family, and ends up falling asleep on the tanning bed.
As it happens, Greg wants to date a female gym instructor and not Elaine. Then he discovers Elaine is friends with George.

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